Great news!

It seems that we have managed to get the Delta virus under control and we can re-open our doors under "Delta Level 2".

Let's hope that this lockdown is the last and the virus can be restrained through a high percentage of Kiwi's either fully vaccinated or having had their 1st shot, and with the border (as we are advised by the Government) under control.

I apologise for what may appear to be a long email, but there is some very important information that you are required to understand so we can re-open the facility and exercise safely.

If you have not already downloaded the Gymmaster app please do so now, so you can keep track of your visits, book into classes and update your personal details.


The following guidelines have been set, as advised, by Exercise NZ to us earlier today.

- You must swipe your key tag every time you enter and leave the facility.

- Masks must be worn when entering and leaving the building and when setting up for your class or if you are walking through the gym from one area to another e.g. if you walk from the cardio or weights area to the toilets - put your mask on. No mask no entry!

- Masks do not have to be worn when you are exercising on the gym floor or participating in a group class with the exception of Body Balance where the instructor will guide you.

- The water coolers are not to be used until we are back at Alert Level 1. So bring your own water or you can purchase a bottle at the gym.

- The sauna is not available.

- Fans cannot be turned on until Alert Level 1.

- 2m distancing rules between all members at all times while you are in the gym. (If interacting with a staff member for a short time and both are wearing masks a 1m rule applies).

- We are not able to do your body measurements, or take you through your programme possibly until we are level 1. We can still, however write up a new programme for you, if you are due for one.

- Train on your own and not with a gym buddy who is not in your bubble. Remember there is a 2m spacing at all times.

- The children's room is closed until we are in a lower "Covid Alert Level".

- After hours members must adhere to the rules above for everyone's safety. Staff will be checking cameras.


Also remember:

- Sanitise your hands on the way in and out.

- Bring or buy your own water, as coolers are not able to be used.

- Bring your towel to place between you and the equipment.

- Clean the equipment with sanitising cloth's after you have finished using it.

- Wash your hands regularly.

- Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

- Do not come to the gym if you are feeling unwell!



- You are required to book in advance for any and all classes you want to attend. The group classes may have decreased numbers and larger (2m) spacings than previous. If you are having trouble, please ask for assistance or phone 3233009 to book.

- There will be no circuit classes as it is not practical to clean the equipment between participants using it.

- Masks must be worn into the gym/class and while you are setting up your equipment. This can only be taken off while you are exercising. Your mask must then be put back on to put equipment away and when you are leaving.


We as a gym will keep up with some of the extra practices as follows:

- continue with extra cleaning.

- Staff will keep ensuring people are bringing towels and cleaning equipment after use.


Member Fees

Your fees will recommence as from Wednesday the 8 September 2021.


Staffing changes

Jason who for the last 3 years has been working at night, has decided to leave. I'm sure those who have trained later in the evening and who know Jason will join us in wishing him well and most probably will see him training at this time instead. With this change, the gym, from here on will not be staffed between 7.30pm - 8.30pm Monday - Friday's. We have been in touch with those who may be affected by this change, but if you think this may also be you, please get in touch. This does not affect entry to the gym for any memberships.

Dylan, our dedicated gym cleaner is also leaving us. We are currently on the look out for somebody to fill this role. If you know of anyone who wants 15hrs work a week, please get in touch.


Thanks again,

Ross, Christine and all the team at Evolve Fitness

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